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Howling Heroes is currently accepting applications for the esteemed K-9 Guardian Award. 🐾🏆 Apply today to support our retired K9 heroes!

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Meet Hecter


K9: Hecter

Officer: Charlie McNeill

K9: Hecter – Dual Purpose Patrol K9

PD: Westlake Police Department-Patrolman

Breed: German Shepherd

M/F: Female

Age: 8

Start of Active Duty: May 23, 2017

Retirement Date: Dec 16, 2022

While on duty for almost six years Hecter provided exemplary service to the community in North Ridgeville, Ohio. He has been directly responsible for numerous narcotic and currency seizures while on the road. Most memorable of each was a 15 pound marijuana seizure at Cleveland Hopkins Airport in a passengers luggage. This seizure ultimately led to search warrants produced by the Cleveland Pooice Department that led to a large quantity or narcotics and firearms.


Hecter was always ready and willing to work which proved true during one of our training days. We were called to assist on a traffic stop in which we were requested to do a free air sniff. Hecter alerted to the vehicle and the subsequent probable cause search yielded over a half a million dollars in U.S. currency, several guns and narcotics. To my knowledge it is one of the largest cash seizures in this area of Ohio.


Not only was Hecter an excellent worker he truly shined with public events. He allowed hundreds if not thousands of children and other citizens to pet him. There was never a behavioral issue once and I could always trust him to know when to turn the K9 “switch” off and be a loving dog.

Join us in honoring the unwavering dedication of our Howling Heroes and supporting future K9 Guardian Award recipients by contributing to the VFR Foundation. Your generosity not only sustains our current heroes but paves the way for the training and support of future four-legged guardians.


Every contribution, no matter the size, amplifies the impact of these extraordinary animals and fortifies their ability to serve with distinction. Join us in championing their cause and making a tangible difference in the lives of these remarkable canines.

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