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There are jobs that we choose, and those that choose us. In my case, I learned the true nature of that calling through my son's call to service several years ago. Prior to his decision to join the police force, I thought he would wow fans on the field as a professional baseball player (he certainly had the talent). But what I didn’t know was that there was that small voice inside of him – that drive to be a part of building community by ensuring that community’s safety and security.

I would be lying if I said that being a police officer’s father was always comfortable – it’s not. In my line of work – through my 45+ year career in development and construction – I have always had a predictability to my days. The project details may change, there may be long hours, but I always knew that I would come home at the end of the day. That isn’t a certainty when you take the oath to protect and serve. And while my wife and I have bouts of worry for our son, we couldn’t be more proud.

His service was the inspiration for me, years later, to establish The VFR – an organization whose mission is to take care of those that care for others and put them on a path to healing. Today that organization has the backing of many who know the burdens of these service men and women intimately and are ready to see The VFR evolve to better support those in need.

Our vision is clear and supported by a team of military, fire, police as well as development and community experts who know the value we can create means we do not have a moment to spare in pushing this project forward. We are unwavering in our mission – to create the most impactful experience for veterans and first responders, allowing them the space, time and resources to recover, relax and rejuvenate. In short, to address the career fatigue that can lead to devastating results while making sure that critical training leads to better outcomes for the communities 
they serve.

I invite you to learn more – and to reach out at any time should you like to join us in our mission.

David Knott


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