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Howling Heroes is currently accepting applications for the esteemed K-9 Guardian Award. 🐾🏆 Apply today for support with your retired K9 Hero.

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Our military, fire, and police K9s rush into conflict with zero hesitation, so why do we hesitate in caring for them throughout their life?

Whether it is taking care of them through injuries or simply covering the expenses that come with caring for them long after their service concludes, Howling Heroes is dedicated to ensuring that no K9 who serves is left behind.

Howling Heroes is the K9 division of the Veterans and First Responders Foundation; offered for others to make charitable contributions which are then used towards veterinary and medical care for retired law enforcement, fire department, and military K9s.



Welcome to Howling Heroes, the distinguished K9 division within the Veterans & First Responders Foundation, where our mission is to provide unwavering support to the true four-legged heroes of our nation – the retired K9s who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting the USA. Our unique program is a beacon of compassion and care, offering therapeutic services and comprehensive medical insurance coverage exclusively for these valiant canines. Once a K9 and their handler are chosen to be a 

 part of our initiative, they become recipients of the esteemed K-9 Guardian award, a commitment that lasts for the duration of the K9's life. This award ensures that our courageous K9 Heroes receive the medical care they deserve, up until the day they cross the Rainbow Bridge. At that point, the medical coverage gracefully concludes, but our commitment to service remains unwavering. Another exceptional K9 in need is then considered for the Howling Heroes Guardian Award, following the same rigorous evaluation process. To qualify, K9s must be retired from law enforcement agencies, fire departments, or the military, privately owned, in good health, and free from any pending legal issues. Join us in honoring these incredible K9s who've served our country with unwavering dedication and loyalty.

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Your donation directly assists a K9 and handler in need of veterinary/medical care. 

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