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Plans are well underway to develop a state-of-the-art campus for Veterans and First Responders called

Homefront –  The VFR's Therapeutic Healing campus.

Located in Northeast Ohio, the VFR Homefront will provide our nation’s heroes and their families with unique mental health and wellness experiences to help them thrive as individuals and as a part of their communities.


Homefront will be unmatched in innovation. This large campus  will offer a variety of amenities including lakes, koi ponds, nature walks, swimming pools, a conference center, a library and education center, an art gallery, modern training centers, suites, a celebration hall, and a First Responders Monument. This campus, called the VFR Homefront, will create a tranquil environment where participants can disconnect from the stresses of their daily lives and reconnect with nature and their inner selves. We will evaluate each participant and create a customized healing plan that will help the individual return to a happier, more peaceful state of being.


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The VFR Homefront will bring together innovative experts to serve those most in need with world-class experiences and amenities such as:

Wellness Center 

Homefront’s Wellness Center will be home to a variety of therapeutic treatments and advanced technologies.  Treatments will be customized to meet an individual’s needs and preference.  Intake testing and assessments will help to craft a personalized therapeutic experience.  Our initial assessments and testing, along with our individually crafted programs help to produce some of the best outcomes in the field.  Such offers include: mental health servicespsychotherapy and counseling, support groups, yoga classes, group meditation, sound baths, light therapy, creative therapies, ECT, EMDR and more. 

Aquatic Therapy Center

Swimming and water releases endorphins that improve mood and both physical and emotional well-being.   Water therapy helps to fight dementia, insomnia, and depression and anxiety.  Our temperature controlled pools will allow for both hot and cold therapies as well.

Equine Therapy and Therapeutic Farm Facility

Animals can offer an incredible amount of emotional support. Equine therapy and farm therapy is much more than just horseback riding and feeding cows. Therapists tailor techniques to each person’s needs. It can include simple interactions and leading a horse on short walks, as well as feeding, grooming, and cleaning.

Therapists use horses and farm animals in therapy for emotional trauma, they emphasize the relationship and attachment between the individual and the horse.   The immediate positive feedback the animals provide and the individual connections they build help to ease trauma triggers and emotional stress.

Therapeutic Greenhouse and Tree Farm

Gardening and caring for plants and trees have proven to improve mood, sustain mental and emotional wellness, and heal trauma. Trained botanists, horticulturists, and therapists work together to create a curated therapeutic program that helps to heal trauma, ease the soul, and bring individuals a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.  All produce grown on the property. is then used to create healthy meals for those residing in the individual stay cottages and single family retreats.  

Canine Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

Bonding with a dog can lower blood pressure and release mood-elevating hormones. Today, many public safety agencies use dogs to relieve personnel following tough calls, as well as to diffuse the natural tension that comes with the job.  The K9s at Homefront will provide therapy and rehabilitation to Veterans and First Responders.  It will also provide a home to retired K-9 Unit Dogs.

Individual Stay Cottages and Single Family Retreats

Individual Stay Cottages will be available for Veterans and First Responders to call home, either for a short period of time while they heal, or longer periods of time as they acclimate back to society. These beautiful single-bedroom cottages will provide a safe-haven for those needing comfort and security as they heal.

Single Family Retreats will be available to Veterans and First Responders who have spent time in a Individual Stay Cottages.  The Family Retreats will welcome the individuals family to come stay with them to both reacclimate the person back to the family unit, and will give the family the opportunity to learn how to best support their Veteran or First Responder as well as teaching the individual to best support and communicate with their family. 

Research and Development Center

VFRs Research and Development Center will focus on new and innovative multisensory technologies used in therapeutic situations.

Please consider donating to help us bring Homefront – VFR's Therapeutic Healing Campus to life


While the Therapeutic Healing Center is well underway and scheduled to open in 2024, we need your help to bring Homefront- VFRs Therapeutic Healing Campus to life. Please consider donating. Thank you for your support!

“We don’t know them all, but we owe them all.”


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