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"I Am Living in a World I Do Not Understand!"

VFR offers customized program services for others that focus on mental health and life balance:


Within these VFR programming services, one particular seminar named "I Am Living in a World I Do Not Understand!" is a compelling and informative program which is not only designed to raise awareness and assist others foster an understanding of the unique mental health challenges faced by our military veterans and first responders, but this seminar walks through the typical scenarios/first-hand experiences that our military veterans and first responders generally encounter during their duties.  After which, mental health treatment methods are provided directly to veterans and first responders, as well as offered strategies/approaches for their loved ones to better understand and support our veterans and first responders as they navigate the complexities of those experiences, and related mental health issues which may stem from such experiences.  


At VFR, we understand that our veterans and first responders are frequently exposed to high-stress, traumatic, and life-threatening situations as part of their duties. The cumulative impact of these experiences can result in various mental health struggles, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Our "I Am Living in a World I Do Not Understand!" seminar brings together mental health experts, researchers, and advocates with a deep understanding of the psychological and emotional struggles faced by these heroes in order to provide individualized mental health services for others.  This seminar also provides guidance to others on medication management, other therapy and treatment options, as well as individual and small group counseling, and other wellness and mental health information.  


Overall, the "I Am Living in a World I Do Not Understand!" seminar’s primary goal is to provide our veterans and first responders, and their loved ones, with accessibility to customized mental health services in order to help contribute to the well-being and healing journey of these courageous individuals who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting others.


To learn more about this "I Am Living in a World I Do Not Understand!" seminar and/or to participate in one of our scheduled seminars, please email us at   

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