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The VFR’s Therapeutic Healing Center and Homefront- VFR’s Therapeutic Healing Campus —  A sanctuary to relax, recover, and restore. 

Located in Northeast Ohio, the VFR's Therapeutic Healing Center (THC) and Homefront the VFR’s Therapeutic Healing Campus (Homefront) will provide our heroes and their families with unique mental health and wellness experiences to help them overcome trauma and the overwhelming stresses of the job they experience while serving us. The THC and Homefront will offer personalized therapies designed to meet individual needs and preferences.  Homefront will offer many amenities including a Wellness Center, Equine Therapy Facility, an Aquatic Therapy Center, a Therapeutic Greenhouse, Individual Stay Cottages, and much more.


Both the center and the campus will be the first of its kind in the country, filling a major void that has existed for far too long. To learn more about the VFR Homefront and support our efforts, click here.


“The VFR has taken the time to address the things that matter, because the things that matter… take time.” - David Knott, VFR Founder


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